I'm almost done shipping out rewards from Issue 6  Kickstarter campaign. I'm planning on launching the next Kickstarter for Issue 7 in the next few weeks.


Issue 6 Kickstarter is live and is off to a great start! Thanks everyone for the support! You can view the campaign here.


Issue 4 and 5 Kickstarter books are almost all sent to all you lovely Kickstarter backers. I'm planning on launching the Issue 6 Kickstarter January 2nd. Stay tuned!


It's a been a while since I have updated! Sorry, it's been busy! Issue 3 will be at your local comic book store next week!  Issues are also available at the Scout Comics website.


Woohooh! I'm excited to announce Scout Comics is publishing Girrion! Issue1 is out this October. I'm very excited in this new journey with the book with this amazing company. Thank you everyone who has supported the series— you helped make this happen.