4/17/2017   Issue 7 is currently in the works. I plan on launching a Kickstarter campaign for that issue in late April or early May. There will be more on that soon!

I finished the art for Issue 6 just a few weeks ago and am sending out books to those who backed the project.  You can view the details from that campaign  here.


Girrion is a graphic novel that's been over 15 years in the making! Five issues are complete. Issue 6 is currently in the works. The books are published by Scout Comics and available at your local comic book store. I also launch Kickstarters while I'm working on each issue. The Kickstarter versions of the books are available on the shop page as well.

Chapter 1 "A Sudden Farewell" is 9 issues (est. 250 pages). It will be complete by this summer. After that I plan to jump right into Chapter 2.