Thinking about launching  a Kickstarter campaign for your comic? 

Short and sweet - here's a few tips.


Not that I'm a pro or anything, but I've ran a couple successful campaigns on Kickstarter and wanted to share some of my experiences. I got lucky. If a couple of things hadn't gone my way - my first campaign could have failed,  or all the money could have been wasted on unnecessary costs. 

First off I'm assuming you've spent tons of time working on your comic. You've got plenty of great art to share on your Kickstarter page so people have a reason to be interested in your story. Everything is ready to roll. Ok, let's begin...

So luckily for me I live in Brooklyn where Kickstarter's home office is, and right around the time I was looking to launch a campaign I went to a  talk they were hosting geared specifically for launching a comic campaign.

Here's a couple things they stressed that really helped me:


Have a variety of rewards. People like variety. You also want to offer some inexpensive options, as well as some higher tier stuff and everything in between. Get creative. 

Posters, T-shirts. They both sound like a great idea, right? Well, unless you want to pay too much on shipping then stay away from these over-sized options for standard rewards. If you're shipping, say, a 6"x9"comic, you're going to want to mail rewards that will fit inside that the packaging for that comic. Anything else is going to cost a lot more to ship. Money lost to shipping is a waste of revenue and doesn't increase value of your product. 


Do the research and figure out the shipping costs before you post your reward prices. Average cost for me to ship my packages for my first Kickstarter (2 comics) was $3 in the US, $5 in Canada and $10 International. Each envelope was 50 cents.

I use Stamps.com for mailing in and outside the US. They're prices are less than regular mail, it allows me to print postage from home, and I don't have to wait in lines at the post office.  For packages more than 1 lb I use media mail. Media mail. Do not forget that word if you live in the US. It will save you  lots of money on shipping within the states. 


That's it for now. I'll be posting more soon.