How many Issues are in a Volume /Graphic Novel?

Volume 1 consists of Issue #1 - #9. Volume 2 will consist of Issue #10 - #17.

As of 4/30/2019 I am have almost completed up to Issue 12. Volume 2 should be done in 2021. If I can make Girrion full-time soon that date would be much sooner.

What age group is  this comic intended for?

Age Range: (PG - PG-13 )

- No sex or bad language

- No excessive gore. Girrion is primarily about a war so there is cartoon violence similar to the level of Star Wars, but more of it.

Where can I buy the books?

The comics are available at many local comic book stores in the US, Canada, and UK. More than likely they'll only have the most recent issue. The Scout Comics website also sells them, and some are available on the shop page on this site.

Most comic books store owners are going to be familiar with Scout Comics so if they don't carry it, you can ask them to.

How is "Girrion" pronounced?

geer ee awn

There are a lot of "drones" in the story. Are you referring to flying drones?

No. In this story the term "drone" falls more in the lines of any type of robot. The equivalent of a worker drone, for example. "Android" is used as well but is more specific- of course referring to robots, or drones in this case, that are anthropomorphic. The term "droid" can't be used because Lucasfilm owns it. :/